The role of XPUNKS in the Eden realm

The XPUNK digital collectible is a set of 10,000 unique digital artworks that represents digital progress and innovation. The collectible launched in October 2021 and has sought to build unique applications for its owners ever since. In partnership with CXR and with support from Ripple, XPUNKS set out to build the first extraction metaverse in Q1 2022; Eden: Discovery.

Eden will function both as a medium for exploring the lore of the XPUNK character and providing a range of digital benefits to its owners. In V1, XPUNK owners can see their collectible as a permanent Battlepass, kicking off with a unique weapon drop for owners that will never again be created in the game. Over the course of V1, XPUNK owners will see regular surprise drops. Furthermore, XPUNK holders will receive early access to Eden, giving them a head start to start building their fortunes before Eden: Discovery opens up to the masses.

V1.5 and V2 will see a consistent increase of XPUNK utility for owners. As the story of the XPUNK character unfolds, so does the totality of XPUNK utility, such as access to unique places and playable characters.

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