Prefabs are individual housing units in Eden. The prefabs are a place where you can recover from your raids to the wasteland, hang out with friends and team members, or craft items for your next adventures.


As a player, you can customize the utility of your prefab to your own playstyle and objectives. Each prefab contains 6 equipment slots, allowing you to install utility modules to aid you in matters such as crafting, survival, storage and so on. This system allows you to choose what you specialize in; will you focus on crafting and selling material, will you hoard large amounts of treasure, do you always want to be in perfect shape to venture the wasteland, or are you taking a balanced approach? The versatile utility system allows you to pick your own destiny.


In order to help the clones cope with the horrors of the wasteland, the prefabs have been designed to feature a tranquil design, boasting both an aesthetically pleasing exterior and interior. The prefab interior shows a clean, minimalistic design. As the owner of a prefab you have the option to decorate the interior with your own digital collectibles. Furthermore, each prefab features a weapon rack where you can display your most prized guns. Lastly, the prefabs exterior havenโ€™t been neglected by the settlers, they have been generated programmatically, giving each prefab a unique design.

Future Development

For future phases prefab owners can expect more customization options in both the exterior and interior aspects of their prefabs. Furthermore, more utility modules and economization options can be expected to increase the level of specialization a prefab owner can enjoy in Eden.

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