For those with the ambition to live a life of influence and civic (or not so civic) duty, the Eden colony is building 62 domes for aspiring governors. Boasting 62 prefabs and a commercial town square, owning a dome is the pinnacle of ambition for any self respecting settler.


As the settlers of the Eden doctrine emphasize ambition and economic activity within their colony, 62 domes will be built specifically for settlers that would like to create their own unique experiences and environments for the settlers of Eden. Please note that, as the ambition and importance of domes is high, private dome access and customization will be made available from V1.5 onwards.


There will be three broad categories of Dome utility: property in the Demi-Dome, customization and economization.

  1. Property in the Demi-Dome

    • Every dome owner will automatically receive ownership of a prefab in the Demi-Dome: a dome where only dome owners own a prefab. The Demi-Dome is the place where the affluent and influential few can network, collaborate, or boast about their civic achievements to their peers. Access to the Demi-Dome will already be available for Dome owners from V1.

  2. Customization

    • The core vision for Eden domes is to enable full scale customization for dome owners via a Software Development Kit (SDK). Via this feature, the Eden colony will truly become a community built digital enterprise.

  3. Economization

    • Owning a dome is not only meant to feed the playersโ€™ creative drives or to flex one's influence. Private domes can become a lucrative endeavor for governors by enabling functionalities such as land and building leasing or taxing commercial activity. Functionalities for domes will be co-created with the community and, specifically, dome owners to develop the most optimized experience for settlers and governors. These domes will lay the foundation for a cocreational journey. The first leadership of the new world order.

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