Energy Credits

In Eden: Discovery, Credits function as a key resource management and currency system within the game, reflecting a futuristic and efficient approach to handling materials and transactions. Credits allow players to own and utilize resources without the logistical challenges of physical storage and transport. Here's an overview of how credits work in the game:

  1. Material Credits: These include various types of essential resources like Water, Metal, and Rare Metal. Each credit represents a specific quantity of these materials, which exist in the game world but are managed and stored by the city of Eden. This system eliminates the need for players to physically carry these resources.

  2. Energy Credits: Energy Credits are particularly crucial as they double as the main currency in the game. Players use Energy Credits for various transactions, such as buying and selling items.


Players can use their credits to engage in crafting. By combining different materials, they can create new items, adding a layer of strategy and creativity to the game.

Finding Credits

Credits can be acquired primarily through exploring the Wasteland and collecting Resource Canisters. These canisters, scattered throughout the Wasteland, contain random contents, offering players a chance to gain various types of credits, including Water, Metal, Rare Metal, and the all-important Energy Credits, which are used as the main currency. This method of acquiring credits adds an element of risk and excitement, as the contents of each canister are a gamble, making resource collection an adventurous and unpredictable endeavor in the game.

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