The Immortal Doctor and the Fall

In the early 2040s, a mysterious figure, Dr. Hibbs, made headlines as the first "immortal" human. Her background was a topic of debate; some saw her as a distinguished academic behind a pseudonym, while others believed she emerged from the biohacking community. Hibbs underwent a remarkable transformation from an older woman to a youthful state, a change confirmed by numerous doctors yet shrouded in mystery.

Hibbs' immortality was both celebrated and feared for its potential impact on humanity and society. Facing immense pressure, she disappeared shortly after revealing her discovery, finding refuge in the Amur Union. This Union, seeking to uncover her secrets for their advantage, helped her stay hidden.

Marc Long, a student training in a robot and AI-dominated workforce and one of Hibbs’ few known contacts, eventually located her. The details of their encounter remain unknown. In a radical move, Marc assassinated Dr. Hibbs after posting an online speech. He argued that immortality would cement societal stagnation and took it upon himself to prevent this future. Marc's subsequent fate is a mystery, with him becoming a fugitive in Earth's final days.

Hibbs’ assassination sparked global outrage against the Amur Union for harboring her. This incident intensified distrust among global Unions, leading to widespread unrest and ideological clashes. Marc became a divisive figure, seen as a martyr by some and a villain by others.

The tipping point was the misuse of military AI systems. Not a dramatic rogue AI, but a network of programs following their directives led to a swift and catastrophic global thermonuclear war. This war was the result of thousands of minor AI-driven military actions escalating out of control, possibly without the full awareness of the world's leaders.

In response to this impending doom, a group of visionaries formed the Eden Doctrine, a stealth mission aiming to save humanity. They planned an "ark," the Eden, to preserve the best and brightest, launching it shortly before the onset of the war. This ark symbolized a desperate, last-ditch effort to preserve human knowledge and potential in the face of global catastrophe.

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