The emergence of Global Unions

As the world grapples with a crippling recession in 2025, resources become scarce, and international tensions rise.

In response, nations gravitated towards their allies, forging multinational unions centered around strategic locations and vital transportation hubs. These unions, varying in their levels of integration, ranged from strict alliances and trade agreements to the dissolution of national borders. Among these were the Panama Union, guarding the Panama Canal; the Suez Union, anchored by the Suez Canal; the Dover Union, overseeing the Dover Strait; the Triangle Union, rooted in the Golden Triangle's drug trade; the Amur Union, straddling the Amur River at the Russia-China border, and many more.

Amidst this geopolitical upheaval, remarkable advancements unfolded in biotechnology and artificial intelligence. These breakthroughs hinted at new horizons for humanity, offering a stark contrast to the fragmented world order.

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