Sprint 35 Update

The Roadmap and Development Stages for Eden: Discovery has been laid out below. The visualization provides an overview of what has been built, what has been scoped out for the upcoming development stages and a distinction is made between V1, V1.5, and V2.

It is important to note that factors such as results from Alpha testing, public reception and community feedback may change aspects of the roadmap if this is deemed beneficial to the Eden project.

State of Development as of Sprint 35

Below, a summary can be read regarding the current state of game development as of Sprint 35

A Sprint is a set period of time during which specific work has to be completed and made ready for review. This page covers everything that has taken place prior to Sprint 35. Going forward, the details of each Sprint will be published and discussed in


All gun models are fully designed and implemented in the game, complete with functional performance metrics. Players have the ability to reconfigure these guns, and the shooting mechanics are operational, though they still need optimization for a smoother experience. Guns and their parts can be found in The Wasteland, adding an element of exploration and discovery. The game features gun handling and reload animations, which are currently implemented but require further optimization for enhanced realism. The designs for NFT items of guns are in progress, needing additional refinement for better integration into the game. The infrastructure for depositing and withdrawing these gun NFTs has been built, with APIs in place, but this system still requires implementation and testing to ensure its functionality and security within the game's framework.


  1. Inventory and Load-Out Menu: Implemented and functioning, with minor bugs present. Item detail pop-ups need optimization for 3D model display.

  2. Health Menu: Functional, but using health items on specific body parts is not yet active.

  3. Progression and Achievements Tabs: Fully implemented and running smoothly.

  4. Friends Tab: User search and sending invites work; however, accepting invites is not functional.

  5. Squad Invites and My Profile Sections: UI present but the user experience (UX) is not functional.

  6. Eden Merchant: UI fully implemented, selling works, but the buying menu is unpopulated.

  7. Crafting UI: In place but not yet functional.

  8. Task Menu: Operational with minor alignment issues.

  9. Marketplace: Online link and in-game version working, with minor optimizations needed.

  10. Wallet Transfer and Prefab Screen: Not yet implemented.

  11. Game Mode and Map Selection: Functional.

  12. Squad Formation: UI ready, UX pending.

  13. Settings Screen: Basic version implemented and mostly functional.


Domes, a key feature of the game's environment, are at an advanced stage of development but not yet fully complete. The exteriors and interiors of the Domes are completely designed and implemented, offering players a rich visual experience. The game includes a mechanic allowing players to select and travel to individual Domes, enhancing exploration and the Metaverse experience. However, these Domes are not yet fully functional as they lack the definitive prefab layout. Additionally, specific in-game features like Dome-specific merchant discounts have not been implemented yet.


The models for all NPCs are finished and have been implemented into the game, bringing life to the game world. NPCs are active in the wasteland, capable of moving, recognizing players, and engaging in combat. However, some behavioral bugs that have been identified, which will require further refinement. Additionally, the Visual Effects (VFX) related to shooting are not yet fully completed. Another key aspect to be added is the mechanism for NPCs to drop loot upon defeat.


The Lobby has been substantially developed, serving as a crucial hub for player interaction and game progression. The design and implementation of the Lobby, including its exterior view, are complete, creating an inviting and functional space for players. The game facilitates travel to and from the Lobby from both the Domes and the wasteland, integrating it seamlessly into the game's world. However, certain features within the Lobby, such as personal and trading terminals, are yet to be implemented.

Quest System

The Quest system is well-developed, with established lore and characters for crew members, each accompanied by unique quest lines. The system includes a fully functional objective and reward mechanism. The user interface for managing and engaging with quests is in place, supporting player interaction.

The Wasteland

The Wasteland is fully realized, featuring a comprehensive design with points of interest, spawn points, and loot locations. NPCs are integrated to enhance gameplay dynamics. The environment includes varied lighting and day-night cycles, alongside the unique Eden oxygen drop feature, enriching the player's immersive experience in this key game setting. FPS issues are still being tackled.

Proximity Chat

Proximity Chat has been set-up and will be implemented and tested in developments builds.

Utility Items

All items have been modeled and implemented.


The complete Easy anti-cheat module has been set-up and will be implemented and tested in development builds.


The core gameplay mechanics are substantially established but still require some optimization. Basic combat mechanisms, including looting dead players, are implemented, with some bugs noted. Standard gameplay loops are in place, providing a foundation for the game's structure. Eden: Discovery features functional gun handling animations and reloading mechanics, though these aspects need optimization for improved realism. Recoil and gun visual effects (VFX) are also areas awaiting optimization. Sound effects, crucial for an immersive experience, are to be enhanced further. All movement mechanics are implemented, but like other gameplay elements, they require fine-tuning.

XRPL Integration

All necessary APIs have been created to facilitate communication between the game client and XRPL. However, this integration is still pending implementation and testing within the development build of the game.


The trading systems have not yet been created.


The complete crafting system has been designed and implemented.

Custom on-chain NFT Marketplace

A reskinned version of the onXRP platform is created and is currently usable, facilitating the integration of the game's digital economy with the blockchain. However, some aspects of the user interface still require optimization.

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