Eden: Discovery

In a barren, post-apocalyptic earth that has only recently been repopulated by a small group of settlers following the Eden doctrine, you take the role of a settler-clone in order to build the first habitable city, Eden, and to prepare it for the last surviving humans. Your day to day life takes place in a vast, multiplayer city of inter-connected habitat domes. This is where you and your fellow clones spend your time socializing, crafting and hustling for scarce resources or building your own unique neighborhoods. The Eden city is designed to become a truly persistent digital city built for and by the community. However, as a citizen of the Eden city, you will soon realize that not all resources can be easily obtained and that, sooner or later, you will have to start taking risks by venturing into the wasteland.

The wasteland is a vast, deserted playable area where you will battle the elements (and much more) in order to obtain valuable resources. This experience will follow the well-known exfiltration gamemode where you and a group of 19 other clones will load into the map simultaneously and have limited time to loot and complete missions whilst defending yourself from hostile drones… and each other. Your core objective is to find an exfiltration point before you run out of oxygen so that you may bring back the treasures you have obtained to Eden. Even though looting the wasteland may be a highly lucrative endeavor, be careful what you take with you because when you die you will lose everything you brought!

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