XM-7C Assault Rifle

The XM7C "Spear" Assault Rifle represents the pinnacle of innovation in weapon technology. This advanced, experimental weapon was in the final stages of testing and evaluation by the legendary 5th Special Forces Group stationed at Al Qasr prior to the apocalypse. As shipments of the XM7C were en route to the Naval base, they fell victim to a series of insurgent ambushes.

The stolen rifles found their way into the hands of different factions, warlords, and rogue elements operating in the region, significantly contributing to the weapon's proliferation around the region. Although relatively new, the XM7C "Spear" was garnering rave reviews for its innovative handguard system that offers enhanced ergonomics and heat dissipation, while allowing for easy customization. This user-centric design encourages adaptability, allowing users to modify the weapon to their specific needs or mission requirements using a variety of attachments and accessories.

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