The PM-24 SMG is a testament to the evolution of personal defense weapons. Released in 2032, it stands as a successor to the classic PM-84 Glauberyt. The PM-24 continues the tradition of compact, lightweight submachine guns designed for close-quarters combat. It inherits the Glauberyt's reliability and ergonomics, but with a range of enhancements. The PM-24's chambering system is optimized for swift cycling of ammunition, reducing the risk of jams. Its design takes into account both weight and balance, creating a weapon that is not only easy to handle, but also efficient in its operation. An improved recoil management system ensures that every burst remains controlled to maintain accuracy.

Unique to the PM-24 is its modular design. It can accommodate various attachments, providing the versatility to adapt to changing battlefield conditions. Its compact form also makes it an ideal weapon for stealthy infiltrations or when navigating the claustrophobic interiors of ruined buildings in the wasteland.

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