M9C "Al Tariq"

The M9C β€œAl Tariq", the latest model in the line of Tariq pistols, was introduced in 2039. Named after the revered medieval Arab warrior, Tariq ibn Ziyad, who led the successful invasion of Spain in 711, this handgun upholds its historical legacy with formidable power and precision. It also boasts a sophisticated balance of weight and efficiency, making it an adaptable tool in the most unpredictable situations. Its advanced ergonomics, coupled with its lightweight frame, facilitate swift maneuvering and steady handling, even in the heat of intense gunfights. The distinct gold medallion embedded into the pistol grip, stamped with a representation of Tariq ibn Ziyad, is not only a historical marker, but a proud badge of authenticity. This version features an improved chambering system, ensuring the smooth cycling of ammunition with minimal jamming. Its precision rifling enhances the firearm's accuracy, making each shot count, while the robust framework promises durability. Equipped with a rapid firing rate the M9C Al Tariq is a formidable companion for any clone braving the wastelands of Al Qasr. Whether it's quick skirmishes or prolonged firefights, let it bang.

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