M-24 "Intervention" Sniper Rifle

The M24 “Intervention” Sniper Rifle, released in 2040, is the culmination of Remington's forward-thinking strategies after their acquisition of CheyTac. This masterfully engineered firearm blends the best of the CheyTac M200 “Intervention” and the M24E1 / XM2010 to create a sniper rifle that is lighter but no less lethal. The M24 “Intervention” retains the characteristic under-barrel carrying handle, a hallmark of the original Intervention, enhancing its portability and ensuring comfortable handling even during extended periods of use.

Despite its reduced weight, the M24 Intervention doesn't compromise on durability, promising longevity even in the harshest conditions. Once a standard issue for special forces units in the region, the M24 “Intervention's” advanced rifling system facilitates remarkable accuracy. This, along with its faster cycling time, ensures that every shot delivered is as precise as it is deadly.

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