AK-24 Assault Rifle

The AK24 Assault Rifle, released in 2024 with follow up iterations released in 2032 & 2038, is a formidable successor in the legendary lineage of the AK series. Widely seen as an upgrade of the world-renowned AK74, it maintains the reliability, ruggedness, and simplicity that made its ancestors iconic, while introducing modern improvements that adapt it to the demands of the new age.

From the desolate steppes of Central Asia to the war-torn cities of the Middle East, the AK24 was utilized widely by various armed forces and insurgent groups, due to its remarkable performance in harsh conditions. Its improved gas-operated, rotating bolt system ensures the rifle's consistent functionality, even in the face of dust, sand, or mud. It also showcases several advancements over its predecessors. It features a redesigned muzzle brake, hand guard and a more ergonomic grip and stock options for enhanced control and comfort. However, the rifle's heart remains unchanged - it retains the less recoiling, high-velocity 5.45Γ—39mm round, a testament to the AK series' enduring design philosophy.

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