Utility Items

Eden: Discovery will feature a selection of consumables, quest items, armor and crafting items that aid the player in surviving the harsh conditions of the wasteland, and crafting valuable items. As of the Alpha stage, these items will not be blockchain enabled and will only exist within the game.


Designed by the creative mind of Ellie Adesina, Eden's Chief Engineer, the "AirFrame" is designed for agility and lightness. The gold stripe signifies its class - a lightweight model that's perfect for those who prioritize speed and mobility over carrying capacity. It is an excellent choice for a quick raid or a stealth mission in the challenging terrain of Al Qasr.

Medical injector

Crafted by Chief Medical Officer Jenny Ma, this vial's bright red solution is a blend of repurposed pharmaceuticals found in The Wasteland, combined with synthesized compounds created in her lab abord the Eden ship. Capable of restoring 20 HP within 5 seconds, it's a small yet potent lifeline in the harsh post-apocalyptic world.

Body Armour

This body armour is the bare minimum for protection, often bearing the blood stains & battle scars of its previous owners. Crafted from the cheapest materials available, it has been recycled & re-used countless times, passed from one doomed soul to the next. It provides some protection against small arms fire & shrapnel.


Hijacked by pirates from a cargo ship in the Gulf, these infantry helmets are scattered across the region. The green camouflage pattern, now faded & scratched, masks the grim reality of the helmet's interior. The remnants of brain matter & fractured skull are frequently scooped out by each new wearer, resulting in a distinct, unsettling aroma. Despite offering minimal protection, wearing one of these helmets is seen as an honour, a sign of hard-won survival.

Tactical Rig

This locally manufactured rig is the most favored by insurgents & militia units in the Al Qasr Region. Distinguished by its dark green camouflage pattern, it's designed for practicality & quick access to gear.

Quest Items

The crew assigns clones specific scavenging tasks in The Wasteland to retrieve unique items essential for their research, development, and personal needs. These items, exclusive to The Wasteland, hold no utility outside the context of these quests. As a player, your role involves venturing into the harsh expanses of The Wasteland to locate and retrieve these items. Successfully completing these tasks not only aids the crew's endeavors but also earns you valuable rewards, enhancing your journey and progress within Eden: Discovery.

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