The Wasteland

The Wasteland is a desolate and unforgiving environment where the ruins of once-great cities, now decayed and overtaken by nature, blend with remnants of advanced technology like broken drones and decaying robotics. This setting poses immense challenges to survivors, including resource scarcity, oxygen limitations, and threats from lingering drones. In the game, players navigate this hostile terrain to find unique items, engage in combat for survival, and attempt successful extractions, embodying the struggle and resilience required in this new, devastated world.

Al Qasr Map

"Al Qasr," known as "The Wasteland" in Eden: Discovery, is a desolate, once-powerful naval base located in the historic region of Mesopotamia, nestled between the Tigris and Euphrates rivers. This old and deserted area, lying just a few kilometers from Eden City, has become a critical resource zone for Eden Settlers.

The Settlers have developed an efficient pod system for safe travel between Eden City and The Wasteland. Upon their initial arrival, the Settlers encountered hostile autonomous drones, which appeared to be refurbished military units. The origins, purpose, and refurbishment of these drones remain shrouded in mystery, adding a layer of intrigue and danger to this already foreboding landscape.

Al Qasr has multiple key locations:

  1. The Ship

    • Dominating the landscape of Al Qasr is a colossal ship, a relic of a turbulent past, believed to have been thrust onto land by a violent storm during a nuclear winter. This ship stands as a silent testament to the chaotic events that reshaped the world during the nuclear apocalypse.

  2. The Hospital

    • A place steeped in history and tragedy, the Hospital is a key location within Al Qasr. It's a haunting reminder of the past, with countless body bags still found on site. Adventurous Settlers who dare to explore its confines face the risk of never returning.

  3. The Village

    • Amidst the ruins, an abandoned village shows unmistakable signs of life post-apocalypse, hinting at a previous settlement. The details about this village are sparse, shrouded in mystery, and a source of intrigue and speculation among the Settlers.

  4. The Alamo

    • Known colloquially among Settlers as "The Alamo," this site marks the location of the last stand of the local militia against the autonomous military drones. It's a place of significant historical importance, symbolizing the resilience and struggle of the human spirit against overwhelming odds.

The Objective

The wasteland is a vast, deserted playable area where you will battle the elements (and much more) in order to obtain valuable resources. This experience will follow the well-known exfiltration gamemode where you and a group of 19 other clones will load into the map simultaneously and have limited time to loot and complete missions whilst defending yourself from hostile drones… and each other. Your core objective is to find an exfiltration point before you run out of oxygen so that you may bring back the treasures you have obtained to Eden. Even though looting the wasteland may be a highly lucrative endeavor, be careful what you take with you because when you die you will lose everything you brought!


In Eden: Discovery, looting is crucial for survival. Players must venture into The Wasteland, where they can scavenge for loot in various ways: in loot crates, by defeating drones, and scavenging from fallen players. Loot crates primarily contain utility tools, quest items, and firearms + attachments. Additionally, loot canisters scattered around the map offer essential resources.

A unique feature is the supply drop, occurring once per match. It's airdropped randomly within Al Qasr and contains oxygen - an essential element for survival in The Wasteland. Securing this supply not only extends survival time but also enhances opportunities for looting, combat, and extraction.


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