Eden: Discovery features a large selection of items and assets players can own and utilize both within and outside the game. The main categories of items and assets are guns, real-estate, and utility items such as consumables, quest items, armor and crafting items.

Real Estate

The Eden city consists of persistent, player-owned real estate. Meaning that the houses (โ€œpre-fabsโ€), housing blocks and domes that make up the city are fully owned by the players. Pre-fabs are the core housing units in the Eden city that offer a variety of in-game utility in the areas of crafting, storage and survival. Furthermore, the pre-fabs offer a range of customization options such as the ability to decorate the interior with your own digital art and the ability to display your most prized in-game possessions. As the Eden mission develops, more and more customization options and new forms of utility will become available to these pieces of digital real-estate.


Eden: Discovery will launch with a selection of guns that has been carefully chosen and modified to fit the time and setting of the game. Every weapon can be modified and customized by the player with the various attachments and replacement parts that can be found or traded in Eden. Weapons in Eden have up to 15 million possible configurations. What makes the weapon system in Eden unique is the option to extract the weapons from the game onto their blockchain wallet, allowing the player true digital ownership of these items. As Eden is a game built by gamers for gamers, this option is completely optional and does not have to be used in order to enjoy Eden. Guns in Eden can only be acquired by finding them in the wasteland, or trading for them with other players either in the game or outside of the game.

Utility Items

Eden: Discovery will feature a selection of consumables, quest items, armor and crafting items that aid the player in surviving the harsh conditions of the wasteland, and crafting valuable items. As of the Alpha stage, these items will not be blockchain enabled and will only exist within the game.

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