Eden City and Social Areas

The Lobby

The Lobby is a central hub that connects various elements of the game, such as The Wasteland and the Domes, and serves as a meeting point for players, friends, and opponents alike. Here, players regroup after matches, amidst views of the Eden Domes. The Lobby is equipped with practical features like trading terminals and a comprehensive map of Al Qasr. It also includes travel pods that allow players to select their next destination, whether it's a Dome or a return to The Wasteland. This space is designed to be both functional and visually appealing, providing a seamless transition between different areas of the game.

Transport between Hubs

Travel between The Lobby and Domes is facilitated by an advanced pod system, introduced by the Settlers upon their return to Earth. These pods function as efficient transportation modules. When you enter a pod, you're presented with a selection of destinations. Choose your desired location, and the pod swiftly transports you there, almost instantaneously. This system exemplifies the blend of futuristic technology and practical design, ensuring seamless and rapid movement within Eden: Discovery.


Eden: Discovery enhances the gaming experience by integrating social elements seamlessly into its core gameplay. Players can connect with others by adding friends, forming tight-knit squads of up to four members, and exploring the challenging landscapes of The Wasteland together. This encourages collaboration, strategy, and a sense of camaraderie.

Incorporating aspects of the Metaverse, the game also features proximity chat, allowing players to communicate with nearby gamers in a realistic and immersive manner. This not only adds depth to player interactions but also fosters a sense of community within the game's expansive virtual world. Players can form alliances, strategize on the fly, or engage in casual conversations, making Eden: Discovery a rich, shared journey in a dynamic and interactive metaverse environment.


The game introduces a specialized trading system that adds a strategic layer to player interactions. Trading terminals, strategically placed within the game world, serve as the exclusive hubs for all player-to-player trade transactions. These terminals are not just transaction points; they are central to the game's economy and player interaction.

At these terminals, players have the flexibility to trade items with anyone, be it friends or rivals. The trading options are diverse, allowing for exchanges of items for items, or for the in-game currency known as Energy Credits. This system encourages players to think strategically about resource management and trade decisions.

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