Space Exploration and AI Warfare

In the years 2035 - 2040, the dynamic of space exploration and warfare undergoes significant transformations. Unions, powerful and influential organizations, take the reins of space missions, indicating a shift from individual nation-led explorations to more collective, union-driven endeavors. This change also sees Navy officers and experienced drone pilots being actively recruited into the program, signifying a blend of traditional military expertise with advanced technological skills.

As human involvement in direct combat diminishes, AI-controlled drones emerge as the new face of warfare. These drones, operated by the Unions, engage in small-scale proxy wars, showcasing a strategic shift from large-scale human combat to more precise, AI-driven confrontations. In this era, human capabilities in battle are overshadowed by the efficiency and prowess of AI, marking a significant evolution in military tactics.

Parallel to these developments, spaceflight becomes a more routine and accessible endeavor, reflecting advancements in technology and the growing importance of space as a domain for exploration, resource extraction, and strategic advantage.

The pace of scientific progress accelerates dramatically, unlocking new possibilities and innovations. One of the most notable advancements is the ability to clone, a breakthrough with profound implications for various aspects of life, including workforce development, medical science, and ethical considerations.

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